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Abu Hurairah رضي الله تعالى عنهreported Allah’s Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم as saying,

“Six are the rights of a Muslim over another Muslim.

It was said to him: Allah’s Messenger, what are these?

Thereupon he said:

When you meet him, offer him greetings,

when he invites you to a feast accept it,

when he seeks your council give him,

and when he sneezes and says:” All praise is due to Allah,” you say Yarhamuk Allah (may Allah show mercy to you)

and when he fails ill visit him; and when he dies follow his bier.”
[Sahih Muslim]

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“Supplication is the pith of worship.”

Tirmidhi, Narrated Anas ibn Malik”No one offers a supplication without Allah bringing him what he asks
or keeping away from him a like amount of evil,
provided he does not ask for something sinful or for breaking ties of relationship.”
Tirmidhi, Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah

“If anyone finds pleasure in receiving an answer from Allah in times of difficulty,
he should make many supplications when times are easy.”
Tirmidhi, Narrated Abu Hurayrah

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Like a date

Bishr bin as-Sirri said:

“Verily, each verse is like a date: the more you chew it, the more of its sweetness is released.” Abu Sulayman heard this and commented: “True. It is the case with one of you that if he begins one chapter of it, he wants to read it to the end.”

[‘al-Hadith fi ‘Ulum al-Qur’an’; p. 70]

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“…Don’t you realize that you are the descendants of those who have perished, that those who remain will take their place after you, and that this will continue until you are all returned to Allah? Every day you dispatch to Allah, at all times of the day, someone who has died,his term having come to an end. You bury him in a crack in the earth and then leave him without a pillow or a bed.

* He has parted from his loved ones

* severed his connections with the living

* and taken up residence in the earth

* whereupon he comes face to face with the accounting

* He is mortgaged to his deeds:

* He needs his accomplishments, but not the material things he left on earth.

Therefore,fear Allah before death descends and its appointed times expire. …”

– Words from`Umar bin ‘Abdil ‘Aziz (rahimahullah) in his last sermon before he too, parted from this temporary place of residence

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Imâm Al-Shâfi’î said:

Whenever any people of desires (heretics) came to Mâlik he would say to them, “As for me, I am upon clarity as regards my religion. As for you, you are a doubter, go and argue with another doubter like yourself.”

Al-Dhahbî in Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ’ under the biography of Imâm Mâlik.

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It was once said to ‘Abdullah b. Al-Mubârak, “After you have prayed with us you don’t sit with us?” He replied, “I go and sit with the Sahâbah and the Tâbi’în.” We said, “And how can you sit with the Sahâbah and Tâbi’în (when they have all passed away)?” He replied, “I go and read the knowledge I have collected, I find their narrations and deeds. What would I do with you? You sit around backbiting people.”

Al-Dhahabî, Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ` in his biography of ‘Abdullah b. Al-Mubârak.

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Abu Bakr as-Saidalaani reported that he heard Salim bin Mansur bin ‘Ammar say,

“Upon seeing my father in a dream, I asked him, ‘What did your lord do with you?’

He answered : ‘Indeed, my lord drew me near and close and he said to me: ‘O evil shaykh (old man), do you know why I forgave you?’

I said: ‘No, O my lord.’

He said : ‘You sat before people in a gathering one day and you made them cry (for their sins, etc). Among them was one of my slaves who had never before cried from fear of me and so I forgave him and forgave everyone in the gathering for him; and you were among the ones I donated to him (i.e, among the ones that I forgave for him)’”

(Sifatus-Safwah 2/ 204)

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