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Narrated Abu Musa:
While we were with Allah’s Apostle in a holy battle, we never went up a hill or reached its peak or went down a valley but raised our voices with Takbir. Allah’s Apostle came close to us and said, “O people! Don’t exert yourselves, for you do not call a deaf or an absent one, but you call the All-Listener, the All-Seer.” The Prophet then said, “O ‘Abdullah bin Qais! Shall I teach you a sentence which is from the treasures of Paradise? ( It is): ‘La haula wala quwata illa billah. (There is neither might nor power except with Allah).”

Sahih Bukhari

Volume 8, Book 77, Number 607

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A High Rank

It is narrated by Muhammad ibn Khalid As Sulaimiyy from his father, and he from his grandfather, that the holy Prophet saw said;

“When a high rank from Allah stands ordained for the servant, something he can never achieve by his deed, Allah puts him to suffering through his body, or his belongings or through his children, after which, He enables him to be patient over all that until when he is raised to the high station which had already been determined for him by Allah” (Abu Dawud)

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The True Friend

The Friend

فمن هو الصديق الحقيقي وهل يوجد صديق في هذا الزمان

Who is the true friend, and is there a true friend nowadays?

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الصديق الذي تكون معه, كما تكون وحدك اي هو الانسان الذي تعتبره بمثابة النفسThe true friend: He is the friend that when you are with, if is as if you are alone, meaning he is the person who you consider to be on the same level as yourself

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يقبل عذرك و يسامحك أذا أخطأت و يسد مسدك في غيابك
The true friend: He is the one who accepts your excuses and forgives you if you err, and defends you in your absense.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يظن بك الظن الحسن
The true friend: He is the one who assumes of you the best assumptions.

و أذا أخطأت بحقه يلتمس العذر ويقول في نفسه لعله لم يقصد And if you err in truth, he seeks an excuse and says to himself, perhaps it was not indended.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يرعاك في مالك و أهلك و ولدك و عرضكThe true friend: He is the one who cares for your wealth, and your family, and your offspirng, and your honour.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يكون معك في السراء و الضراء و في الفرح و الحزن و في السعةِ و الضيق و في الغنى و الفقر
The true friend: He is the one who is with you using ease, and hardship, and in happiness, and in sadness, and openness and in constrait.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يؤثرك على نفسه و يتمنى لك الخير دائماThe true friend: He is the one who prefers you over hisself and wishes for you good always.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي ينصحك اذا راى عيبك و يشجعك اذا رأى منك الخير ويعينك على العمل الصالح
The true friend: He is the one who advices you if he sees your faults and encourages you if he sees good in you and helps you adhere to good deeds.

الصديق الحقيقي :هو الذي يوسع لك في المجلس و يسبقك بالسلام اذا لقاك و يسعى في حاجتك اذا احتجت اليه The true friend: He is the one who makes room for you in a seating, and hurries to greet you with peace if he meets you, and hurries to help you if you are in need of help.

الصديق الحقيقي :هو الذي يدعي لك بظهر الغيب دون ان تطلب منه ذلك
The true friend: He is the one who prays for you, without you knowing, without you asking for it.

الصديق الحقيقي :هو الذي يحبك بالله و في الله دون مصلحة مادية او معنوية The true friend: He is the one who loves you for the sake of Allah, and not for the benefit of material goods or support.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يفيدك بعمله و صلاحه و أدبه و أخلاقه The true friend: He is the one who benefits you with his actions, and excellence, and morals and manners.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يرفع شأنك بين الناس و تفتخر بصداقته و لا تخجل من مصاحبته و السير معهThe true friend: He is the one who raised your esteem between the people and boasts his friendship and is not embarrased with his friendship and his walking with you.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يفرح اذا احتجت اليه و يسرع لخدمتك دون مقابل The true friend: He is the one who is happy if you need him, and rushes you serve you, not wanting anything in return.

الصديق الحقيقي : هو الذي يتمنى لك ما يتمنى لنفسهThe true friend: He is the one who wishes for you what he wishes for himself.

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A bedouin said…

A Bedouin one day said to his children, ‘ I did good to you not only when you were young or when you grew up, but also before you were born”.

They said:

“Indeed we know that you have treated us well when we were were young and then when we grew up, but how is it that you treated us well even before we were born?

He said:

‘ I chose mothers for you that will not disgrace or discredit you”.

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“If you are looking for a friend who is faultless, you will be friendless.”

[ Jalaluddin Rumi]

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