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Silence and speech

One of the people of wisdom used to say:

“When a man is speaking in a gathering and his speech amazes him, let be silent. When he keeps silent and his silence amazes him let him speak.”

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Intend good

One of the Salaf said:

“Direct me to an action by which I will never cease to be performing for Allaah the Exalted.” It was said to him: “Always intend good, because you will never cease to be performing even if you do not perform any actions. The intention is made even in the absence of any actions. Whoever intended to pray at night and then slept, the reward for what he intended will be written for him.”

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al sabr mithl ismuhu murrun madhaqatuhu wa lakin 3awaqibuhu a7laa min al 3asl

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Once ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azîz (rahimahullâh) was advised,
“O ‘Umar, beware of being the ally of Allâh in open, while being
His enemy in secret. If one’s nature in open and secret do not
equate then he is a hypocrite, and the hypocrites occupy the lowest
level in the Hellfire.”

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Wishing for death

Narrated Abu Hurraira [or Sa’d bin Ubaid] *RA* : Allahs messenger said, ”none of you should long for death, for if he is a good doer, he may increase , his good deeds , and if he is an evil doer, he may stop the evil deeds and repent.”


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as-Sa’di said:

“It is Allah who has undertaken the task of aiding His religion, perfecting the truth with which He sent His Messengers, and manifesting its light in all regions of the earth, even though the disbelievers hate it. Even though they strive to the utmost of their abilities to extinguish His light, defeat and failure is their fate. They are like a person who blows air with his mouth in the direction of the sun in the hope that he can extinguish its fire: never will he be able to do so, rather he just imputes his own intellect with deficiency and doltishness”

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‘A’ishah رضي الله عنها narrated:

Once, when I saw the Prophet in a good mood, I said to him: “O Messenger of Allah! Supplicate to Allah for me!”

So, he صلى الله عليه و سلمsaid: “O Allah! Forgive ‘A’ishah her past and future sins, what she has hidden, as well as what she has made apparent.”

So, I began smiling, to the point that my head fell into my lap out of joy.

The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه و سلم said to me: “Does my supplication make you happy?”

I replied: “And how can your supplication not make me happy?”

He then said: “By Allah, it is the supplication that I make for my Ummah in every prayer.”

[Reported in ‘Sahih Mawarid adh-Dhaman’, and it is in ‘as-Silsilah as-Sahihah’]

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