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allaahummaa innee as’aluka min 5ayri maa sa2alaka minhu nabiyyuka muhammad (SAW) wa a3oodhu bika min sharri maa esta3aadhaa minhu nabiyyuka muhammad (SAW) wa anta al musta3aan wa 3layka al balaagh wa laa 7awla wa laa quwwata ellaa billah

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allahumma salli 3ala sayydina muhammad salatan tunajjeenaa bihaa min jamee3 il a7waal wal aafaat wa taqdee lanaa bihaa jamee3 il 7ajaat wa tu6ahhirunaa bihaa min jamee3 el sayyi-aat wa tarfa3unaa bihaa 3indaka a3laa al darajaat wa tuballighunaa biha aqsaa al ghaayat min jamee3 il 5ayrat fil 7ayat wa ba3d al mamaat innaka 3ala kulli shay2in qadeer

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the candle…

Do not become the candle that gives light to others but itself remains in darkness. Do not follow the desires of your lower self. Should the Lord wish, He himself will pick you out and prompt you to be a source of guidance. He Himself shall endow you with the inner strength to endure the changes of fortune and will instill within you infinite wisdom.

(Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani)

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Internal and external

“When people’s internal motivations and external acts are inconsistent they should not be astonished by the tribulations and calamities that are visited upon them”

– Salih al-Murri

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While a stick is green

He whom thou hast not disciplined when a child
Will not prosper when he becomes a man.
While a stick is green, thou canst bend it as thou listest.
When it is dry, fire alone can make it straight.

~ SADI ~

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– The meaning of sincerity –

It has been stated in definition of Ikhlaas, “Ikhlaas is when the servants internal and external actions are the same (i.e. are in agreement with each other). And Riyaa is when the external actions are better than the internal actions (of the heart). And truthfulness in one’s sincerity is when the internal is better (developed) than the external. (Madaarij us-Saalikeen 2/91)

Bilaal bin Sa’d (rh) said, “Do not be a wali (friend) of Allaah outwardly, yet an enemy to him internally” (Ahmad in az-Zuhd, Abu Nu’aym in al-Hilyah).

It has been stated, “Ikhlaas is that you do not request anyone to witness your action except Allaah, and that you do not seek anyone to reward you (for it) except Him”.

Salamah bin Dinar said, “Hide your good deeds (from the people) just like you hide your evil deeds”. (Abu Nu’aym, Bayhaqee) And in a narration in al-Bayhaqee, “Hide your good deed like you hide your evil deed, and do not be amazed with your own action, for you do not know whether you are happy or wretched (in the Hereafter)”

It has been stated in definition of Ikhlaas, “It is to single out Allaah, free from all imperfection, in one’s intention (qasd) in one’s obedience (to Him).

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Maintaining Good Deeds After Ramadan
By Sheikh `Abdullah Ibn Jibreen

Here are ten means of keeping on doing good deeds after Ramadan:
1. Seek Allah’s support, beseeching Him Almighty to guide you to the right path and help you remain steadfast in faith. Allah Almighty has praised the supplication of those who are of sound understanding when they have said: [Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy Presence. Lo! Thou, only Thou art the Bestower.] (Aal `Imran: 8 )
2. Be keen on being in the company of the righteous and attending dhikr meetings such as religious lectures or visiting a righteous friend to make dhikr (remembrance of Allah) together.
3. Acquire knowledge about the biographies of the Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) and the righteous believers by reading books and listening to tapes. This will stimulate you to keep firm in faith and follow in their footsteps.
4. Listen to tapes that deal with religious admonitions and righteous speeches.
5. Be keen on observing the obligatory acts of worship.
6. Keep on offering supererogatory acts of worship; do what you are most inclined to and can do regularly, even if it is little. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “…the best deeds to Allah are the incessant ones, even though they may be few.”
7. Start learning Allah’s Book by heart. Recite what you have learned during Prayer and keep reciting the Qur’an as much as you can.
8. Perform dhikr a lot and ask Almighty Allah for forgiveness. This may seem a tiny good act, yet observing it regularly increases faith and strengthens the heart.
9. Keep away from every thing that may cause your heart to divert from the right path such as bad people, indecent television programs, pornographic pictures, and love songs.
10. Last, but not least in importance, truly repent to Almighty Allah and be keen on not deviating from the right path again. Allah Almighty rejoices when His bondman returns to Him Most High in true repentance.
Dear brother, do not be one of those who do not pay heed to Allah Most High except in Ramadan. The righteous predecessors said about them, “Woe to those people who do not become mindful of Almighty Allah but in Ramadan!”
May Allah help you be steadfast in the right path until you reach the following Ramadan in best health and condition.

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