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Shaddaad ibn Aws (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us to say:

“Allaahumma inni as’aluka al-thabaat fi’l-amri, wa as’aluka ‘azeemat al-rushd, wa as’aluka shukra ni’matika wa husna ‘ibaadatika, wa as’aluka lisaanan saadiqan wa qalban saleeman, wa a’oodhu bika min sharri ma ta’lam wa as’aluka min khayri ma ta’lam, wa astaghfiruka mimma ta’lam, innaka anta ‘allaam ul-ghuyoob

(O Allaah, I ask you for steadfastness in this matter, and I ask You for the resolve to adhere to the path of guidance, and I ask You for gratitude for Your blessings and to worship You well, and I ask You for a truthful tongue and a sound heart, and I seek refuge with You from the evil of what You know, and I ask You for the good of what You know, and I ask You for forgiveness for what You know; You are the knower of the Unseen).”

Ahmad (17155), al-Tirmidhi (3407) and al-Nasaa’i (1304)

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Ibn al Qayyim said in Zaad al Ma’aad:

“As for the weeping of the Prophet (saw) it was in the same degree as his laughter. He wouldn’t sob loudly and raise his voice, just like his laughter wasn’t loud. However his eyes would fill up with tears, until they flowed out, and you would hear the sound like that of a whistling kettle coming from his chest. He would weep out of mercy for the dead, out of fear and compassion for his ummah, out of deep fear of Allah, upon listening to the Qur’an. And it was a weeping of longing, love and exaltation, accompanied by fear and khashyah”.

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Nothing but a few breaths

“Every day the sun rises it calls upon us, “Oh people! I am a new day; I am an observer of your actions. Take advantage of me for I will not return until the Day of Judgment.” “Oh, son of Adam you are nothing but a few breaths. Once one breath goes out, part of you goes with it. In the same way that part of you has gone, soon all of you will go.”

– Al Hasan Al Basry

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Your life in the present moment is in between the past and the future. So what has preceded can be rectified by tawbah (repentance), nadam (regret) and istighfar (seeking Allaah’s forgiveness). And this is something that will neither tire you, nor cause you to toil as you would with strenuous labour. Rather it is an action of the heart. Then as regards the future (then it can be corrected) by withholding yourself from sins. And this abandonment is merely the leaving of something and to be at ease from it. This also is not action of the limbs, which requires you to strive and toil. Rather this is a firm resolve and intention of the heart – which will give rest to your body, heart and thoughts. So as for what has preceded, then you rectify it with repentance. And as for the future – then you rectify it with firm resolve and intention. Neither of these involves any hardship or exertion of the limbs. But then your attention must be directed to your life in the present – the time between two times. If you waste it, then you have wasted the opportunity to be of the fortunate and saved ones. If you look after it, having rectified the two times – what is before and after it, as we have said – then you will be successful and achieve rest, delight and ever-lasting bliss. However, looking after it is harder than that which comes before and after it, since guarding it involves keeping to that which is most befitting and beneficial for your soul, and that which will bring it success and well-being.

[Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah – al-Fawaa’id, pp 151-152]

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“The heart will rest and feel relief if it is settled with Allaah and it will worry and be anxious if it is settled with people.”

– Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullaah).

“Loving Allaah resembles a brook in a desert with no millstone, and that is why there are few water-drawers. The lover usually wants to be isolated with his lover in privacy in order to find delight, the same as the whale resorts to water, and a child seeks his mother.”

-Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullaah.

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So that we may repent

“Allah will continue to hold out His Hand at night so that he who has sinned during the day may repent, and to hold out His Hand during the day so that he who has sinned at night may repent, till the sun rises from the west.”

– Hadith Collection: Imam Nawawi

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Be the children of the akhira

‘Ali (radiyAllaahu-anhu) used to say:

‘The Afterlife came approaching; the world passed on behind. So be the Children of the Afterlife, not the Children of the World. Since today there is action but no account, but tomorrow there will be accounting but no opportunity will be there to do any action’

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