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Hatim Al-Asamm asserted,

“Do not be deceived by righteous places, for there is no place more righteous than Paradise, and consider what Adam [peace be upon him] met with in a righteous place!

And do not be deceived by abundant acts of worship, for consider what Iblis came to after so much worship.

And do not be deceived by large quantities of knowledge, for Balaam knew the Greatest Name of God, and consider what he met with!

And do not be deceived by meeting the pious, for there is no person with a greater destiny than Mustafa [may God’s blessing and peace be upon him], and meeting him did not benefit [some of] his relatives and enemies.”

– Risalah Qushayriyyah, Imam Abu-l-Qasim al-Qushayri

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Don’t make it hard

Narrated by Aishah, Radiya Allahu ‘Anhu,:
“Whenever the Prophet , had a choice between two matters, he would choose the easiest, unless it is sinful (act)” [Bukhari].

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At least

قال يحي بن معاذ:ليكن حظ المؤمن منك ثلاثة

إن لم تنفعه فلا تضره

If you don’t benefit him at least don’t harm him

وإن لم تفرحه فلا تغمه

If you don’t make him happy at least don’t cause him sorrow

وإن لم تمدحه فلا تذمه

If you don’t praise him at least don’t dispraise him

-Yahya bin mu3adh

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كل العلوم سوى القرآن مشغلة ** إلا الحديث وعلم الفقه في الدين
العلم ما كان فيه : قال ، حدثنا ** وما سوى ذاك وسواس الشياطين
– Imam Al Shaafi3ee

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faqeehan wa soofiyyan

فقيهاً وصوفياً فكن ليسَ واحداً

فَإني وَحَقِّ اللَّهِ إيَّاكَ أَنْصَحُ

فذلك قاسٍ، لم يذق قلبه تقى

وهذا جهولٌ، كيف ذو الجهل يصلحُ؟

-Imam Al Shafie

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Sabran Jameelan…

صَبْراً جَمِيلاً ما أقربَ الفَرَجَا

من رَاقَبَ اللَّهَ فِي الأمورِ نَجَا

منْ صدق الله لم ينلهُ أذى

ومن رجَاهُ يكونُ حيثُ رَجَا

– Imam Al – Shaafi3ee

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Some eyes are restless whilst others are in sleep
In meditating that which may or may not occur
So leave the worrying as much as possible
As carrying the burdens of anxiety is madness
There is your Lord, who provided you with the solutions to yesterday
And He will similarly provide for what is to come today

Let events flow in their predestined path
And do not sleep except with a clear mind
Between the period of a blinking of an eye and it’s opening
Allah changes things from one state to another

– Don’t be sad.

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