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On the authority of Abu Malik al-Harith bin ‘Asim al-Ash’ari, radiyallahu ‘anhu, who said:

The Messenger of Allah, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, said:

“Purification is half of iman (faith). Saying ‘Al-Hamdulillah’ (Praise be to Allah) fills the scales. Saying ‘Subhanallah wa al-Hamdulillahi’ (Exhalted be Allah and Praise be to Allah) fills the space between the heavens and the earth. Salah (prayer) is a light. Sadaqah (charity) is a proof. Sabr (patience) is a shining glory. The Qur’an is an argument either for you or against you. Everybody goes out in the morning and sell themselves, thereby setting themselves free or destroying themselves.”

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Renew your hearts

Yahyâ ibn Mu‘âdh ( rahimahullâh) said:

“Renew your hearts with the remembrance of Allâh because it rushes into forgetfulness.”

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A man once asked Abu Al-Darda – radiyaAllahu ‘anhu- for advice.  He said:

Remember Allah in good times and He will mention you in hard times. When you remember those who have passed away, consider yourself like one of them. And when you think of involving yourself in some worldly matter, consider first what it will lead to in the end.

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‘Abdullah ibn Busr reported that a man said,

“O Messenger of Allah the laws of Islam are too much for me. Tell me something I can cling to.” He said, “Your tongue should remain moist with the remembrance of Allah.”


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allahumma salli 3ala sayydina muhammad salatan tunajjeenaa bihaa min jamee3 il a7waal wal aafaat wa taqdee lanaa bihaa jamee3 il 7ajaat wa tu6ahhirunaa bihaa min jamee3 el sayyi-aat wa tarfa3unaa bihaa 3indaka a3laa al darajaat wa tuballighunaa biha aqsaa al ghaayat min jamee3 il 5ayrat fil 7ayat wa ba3d al mamaat innaka 3ala kulli shay2in qadeer

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Invocations are a barrier between the slave and the hellfire, if the remembrance is contineous and permanent then the barrier is good and solid, if not, it is fragile and torn.

[Ibn Atallah]

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Book 35, Number 6508:

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: He who uttered these words: “There is no god but Allah, the One, having no partner with Him. Sovereignty belongs to Him and all the praise is due to Him, and He is Potent over everything” one hundred times every day there is a reward of emancipating ten slaves for him, and there are recorded hundred virtues to his credit, and hundred vices are blotted out from his scroll, and that is a safeguard for him against the Satan on that day till evening and no one brings anything more excellent than this, except one who has done more than this (who utters these words more than one hundred times and does more good acts) and he who utters: “Hallowed be Allah, and all praise is due to Him,” one hundred times a day, his sins are obliterated even if they are equal to the extent of the foam of the ocean.

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