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Ibrahîm bin Muslim al-Qurashî narrates:

Fatimah bint Muhammad bin al-Munkadr was known to spend all of her days fasting.

When night would fall she would call out with sorrow:

“Night has descended, darkness ensues,
As every beloved departs towards His beloved…
And I O Beloved, remain alone for you
So that you may save me from the fire”

May Allâh have mercy upon her.

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Abu ‘Abdur-Rahman Muhammad bin Husayn as-Sulami narrated:

I heard al-Malini say: “I went to visit Tahiyyah one time, so I heard her from outside the house, calling out: “O You who loves me, and I love Him!”

So, I went to her and said: “O Tahiyyah, it is good that you love Allah – the Exalted – but, from where do you know that He loves you?”

So, she said: “Yes, I used to live in the land of the Nubians, and my parents were Christians. My mother used to take me to church and bring me to the Cross and say to me: “Kiss the Cross!” So, when I was about to do this, I saw a hand come out of the Cross and push my face away so that I would not kiss it. At that point, I knew that it was Him protecting me.””

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al-Fudayl bin ‘Iyad narrated:

‘Abdul-Wahid bin Zayd said: “I asked Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – for three nights in a row to show me my future companion in Paradise in a dream, so in my dream, I heard a caller saying: “O ‘Abdul-Wahid! Your companion in Paradise is Maymunah as-Sawda’.” So, I asked: “And where is she now?” The voice replied: “She is among such-and-such a tribe in Kufah.”

So, I went out to Kufah and asked about her, so I was told: “She is among us, and she takes care of the livestock.” So, I said: “I wish to see her.” I was taken to the place where she was, and found her standing in prayer with a walking stick to support her. She was wearing a wool cloak, with a sign written on it that said: “Not to be bought or sold.” ِAlso, the sheep that she was supposed to be caring for were surrounded by wolves. However, the wolves were not trying to attack the sheep, and the sheep were not afraid of the wolves.

When she saw me, she ended her prayer and said to me: “Go back, Ibn Zayd. Our meeting place is not here. Rather, it is later on (in the Hereafter).”

I said to her: “May Allah have Mercy upon you! Who told you that I am Ibn Zayd?”

She said: “I know that the souls are like a unified army, so the souls that go together are one, and the souls that differ from each other are divided.”

I said to her: “Advise me.”

She said: “Strange! An admonisher who wishes to be admonished?

O Ibn Zayd, it has been related to me that a servant is not given anything of this worldly life and wished for more of it, except that Allah ceases to allow that servant to love Him and desire Him, and He exchanges the closeness that he had with Him for distance…”

Then she recited:

O admonisher! The accounting has begun * To drive the people away from sin
You forbid others while you are the one who is truly ill * This is indeed a strange evil
If you had rectified yourself beforehand * Your mistakes and repented recently
Then – my dear – what you you said * Would have had a position of truth in the heart
You warn against temptation and excess * While you yourself are in a state of doubt”

I then said to her: “I see these wolves with the sheep, but the sheep do not run away from the wolves, and the wolves do not try to eat the sheep! What is this?”

She said: “This is a sign to you from me: since I made peace between my Master and I, He made peace between the wolves and the sheep.””

[‘Sifat as-Safwah’; 2/115]

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Zinira (r) was a Roman slave girl who embraced Islam. When the pagans found out that she had become Muslim they tortured her until she went blind, and gloated that the wrath of their Gods Lat and Uzza had caused her to go blind. It was Allah who blinded her, she told them, and if He so willed, He could restore her eye sight. The next morning she awoke to find her vision completely restored. Her tormentors, however, were not convinced of the miracle and claimed this was nothing more than Muhammad’s sorcery (salallahu 3alayhi wa salam)

[When the Moon Split – by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri rahimahullaah]

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