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Question: What’s the ruling of someone who becomes angry when a hardship or affliction befalls him?

Answer: People, during circumstances of affliction or difficulties, are at four levels:
** The First Level – Becoming Angry This can be in different ways: ** The first way:The anger is by the heart as if he’s angry at his Lord. So, he gets angry with what Allaah has decreed for him, and this (level) is not permissible. It’s possible that it could even lead to disbelief. Allaah says:”And among mankind is he who worships Allaah as it were, upon the very edge (i.e. in doubt); if good befalls him, he’s content therewith, but if a trial befalls him, he turns back on his face (i.e. reverts back to disbelief after embracing Islaam). He loses both this world and the Hereafter.”[Soorah Al-Hajj, 22:11]

** The second type:The anger is by the tongue like making praying and supplicating for destruction or ruin or by similar statements, and this is also impermissible. ** The third type:The anger is by the limbs like slapping the cheeks, ripping the clothes, pulling out hair (some Arab cultural reactions of Jaahiliyyah), and similar actions. And none of this is allowed; it’s in contradiction to having patience which is required.

** The Second Level – Remaining Patient It’s just like a poet said, “Patience, like its name, is bitter in taste, yet its outcomes are sweeter than honey.”Such a person sees this thing (the affliction, problem) as weighing down heavily on him, But he bears it although he dislikes that it happened. His faith bears it patiently and prevents him from being angry. So, the times of affliction and times without are not the same to him. This (level) is obligatory because Allaah commanded the people to be patient, saying:”And be patient. Certainly, Allaah is with the patient ones.”[Soorah Al-Anfaal 8:46]

** The Third Level – Being Pleased with the AfflictionIn such a way, the person is pleased with the affliction. It’s the same to him whether it happened or not; it’s not difficult upon him and he doesn’t bear it as if it is something weighing heavily on him. This (level) is preferred but not an obligation according to the most correct opinions. The difference between this level and the one before it is apparent because the affliction happening or not happening (in this third level) is the same due to the fact that the person at this level is actually content and pleased. As for the level before it, the affliction is hard upon him, yet he still remains patient over it.

** The Fourth Level – Being ThankfulActually being grateful is the highest level. This is the state when a person thanks Allaah for the affliction that has befallen him. He knows that such a difficulty is a means of expiation for his sins and perhaps a cause for an increase in his good deeds. The Prophet SAW said:“There’s no affliction that strikes a Muslim except that Allaah expiates with it (his sins), even with a thorn that may poke him.”Recorded by Al-Bukhaaree (no.5640) and Muslim (no.2572)

By Shaykh Ibn Al-‘Uthaymeen.

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Don’t speak of your suffering — He is speaking.
Don’t look for Him everywhere — He’s looking for you.

An ant’s foot touches a leaf, He senses it;
A pebble shifts in a streambed, He knows it.

If there’s a worm hidden deep in a rock,
He’ll know its body, tinier than an atom,

The sound of its praise, its secret ecstasy –
All this He knows by divine knowing.

He has given the tiniest worm its food;
He has opened to you the Way of the Holy Ones.

-Hakim Sana’i Ghaznawi

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Sometimes darknesses comes over that He may make you aware of the value of His blessings upon you.

-Ibn Ata’Allah

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“The true believer is rewarded in every thing, even in affliction.”

Abu Bakr Radhiallahu Anhu

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Ibn al-Jawzi said:
“Something was causing me a great deal of grief and distress, and I started to think long and hard about how to get out of this situation by any means, but I could not find any way out. then I came across this verse:
‘…And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out [of every difficulty].’ (65:2)
I realised that Taqwa (Piety, fearing Allah) is the way out of every kind of grief and distress. As soon as I followed the path of taqwa, I found the way out.”

I say: for the wise men, taqwa is the way that leads to everything good, for calamity happens only as a result of sin, and it can only be lifted through repentance. Sadness, grief and worry are punishments for sins that you have committed, by falling short in your prayers, or backbiting about a Muslimah, or taking the matter of hijab lightly, or committing a haram (forbidden) action. Whoever goes against the laws of Allah, the Almighty, has to pay the price for that shortcoming. The One Who created happiness is the Most Gracious Most Merciful, so how can you seek happiness from anyone other than Him? If people had control over happiness, there would be no deprived or grieving person left on earth.”

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Look around you, to the right and to the left. Do you not see the afflicted and the unfortunate? In every house there is mourning and upon every cheek run tears. How many tribulations and how many people persevere with patience. You are not alone in your troubles, which are few compared to those of others. How many sick people remain bedridden for years while suffering from unspeakable pain! How many have not seen the light of the sun for years due to their imprisonment, having knowledge of nothing but the four corners of their cell! How many men and women have lost their children in the prime of their youth! How many people are troubled or tormented!

Find consolation with those that are worse off than you; know that this life is like a prison for the believer, an abode of grief and sadness. You must adapt like the experienced camel, which manages, when necessary, to kneel upon a rock. You must also compare your difficulties of those around you, and with those that have come before you; you should realize that you are in good shape relative to them, and that you have merely been pricked by tiny difficulties. So praise Allah for His kindness, be thankful for what He has left for you, seek recompense from Him for what He has taken and seek consolation with those that are afflicted.

[Don’t be Sad]

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It was said to Imam al-Shaafa’i (may Allaah have mercy on him):

Which is better, patience or tests or prevailing?

He said: Prevailing is the level attained by the Prophets, and there can be no prevailing except after trials. If a person is tried he will become patient, and if he remains patient he will prevail.

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