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قال على بن أبي طالب :

لا تظـلمنَّ إِذا مـا كنتَ مقتـدراً * فالظـلمُ مـرتعُه يفضي إِلى النـدمِ
تنـامُ عينـكَ والمظـلومُ منتبـهٌ * يدعـو عليـكَ وعيـنُ اللّهِ لم تنـمِ

Never oppress if you are in a position to do so
For oppression, its field only leads to regret
Your eyes may sleep, but the oppressed one is attentive
Cursing against you while the Eyes of Allaah do not sleep

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O Allah!

I take refuge with you

from appearing to the public

to be better than I am

while my inner mind

is repulsive to You

for what it conceals,

preventing the people

from lamenting over me

for all that You know of me,

for I would be showing the people

a fine exterior

while informing You

of the evil of my actions

drawing near to mortals

while distancing myself

from Your favour.

– Ali bin Abi Talib

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For those who make

their inner thoughts wholesome,

Allah will make

their outward manifestations wholesome.

For those who work

on Allah’s religion,

Allah will assure them

of sufficiency in their worldly affairs.

And for those who do right

in their relationship with Allah,

Allah will improve their relationships with other people.

– Ali bin Abi Talib

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Every felicity outside of Paradise is lowly

and every trial outside of Hell is well-being.

-Ali bin Abi Talib

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Narrated Ibn Abbas:

When (the dead body of) ‘Umar was put on his deathbed, the people gathered around him and invoked (Allah) and prayed for him before the body was taken away, and I was amongst them. Suddenly I felt somebody taking hold of my shoulder and found out that he was ‘ali bin Abi Talib. ‘ali invoked Allah’s Mercy for ‘Umar and said, “O ‘Umar! You have not left behind you a person whose deeds I like to imitate and meet Allah with more than I like your deeds. By Allah! I always thought that Allah would keep you with your two companions, for very often I used to hear the Prophet saying, ‘I, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar went (somewhere); I, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar entered (somewhere); and I, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar went out.”‘

(sahih Bukhari)

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