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يخاطبني السفيه بكل قبح      فأكره أن أكون له مجيباً

يزيد سفاهةً فأزيد حلماً          كعود زاده الإحراق طيباً

The foolish one speaks to me with all ugliness
And I hate to respond to him

He increases in his foolishness while I increase in my forbearance
Like the ‘oud which intensifies its sweet scent the more it is burnt

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Yunus as-Sadafi’ said:I have never seen a wiser man than ash-Shafi`ee, I was arguing with him one day about an issue and I left him.

One day, he met me, held my hand and said:

‘Cannot we be brothers, even if we disagree about something?’ “

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دَعِ الأَيَّامَ تَفْعَل مَا تَشَاءُ وطب نفساً إذا حكمَ القضاءُ
وَلا تَجْزَعْ لنازلة الليالي فما لحوادثِ الدنيا بقاءُ
وكنْ رجلاً على الأهوالِ جلداً وشيمتكَ السماحة ُ والوفاءُ
وإنْ كثرتْ عيوبكَ في البرايا وسَركَ أَنْ يَكُونَ لَها غِطَاءُ
تَسَتَّرْ بِالسَّخَاء فَكُلُّ عَيْب يغطيه كما قيلَ السَّخاءُ
ولا تر للأعادي قط ذلا فإن شماتة الأعدا بلاء
ولا ترجُ السماحة ََ من بخيلٍ فَما فِي النَّارِ لِلظْمآنِ مَاءُ
وَرِزْقُكَ لَيْسَ يُنْقِصُهُ التَأَنِّي وليسَ يزيدُ في الرزقِ العناءُ
وَلا حُزْنٌ يَدُومُ وَلا سُرورٌ ولا بؤسٌ عليكَ ولا رخاءُ
وَمَنْ نَزَلَتْ بِسَاحَتِهِ الْمَنَايَا فلا أرضٌ تقيهِ ولا سماءُ
وأرضُ الله واسعة ً ولكن إذا نزلَ القضا ضاقَ الفضاءُ
دَعِ الأَيَّامَ تَغْدِرُ كُلَّ حِينٍ فما يغني عن الموت الدواءُ

Part from the days where you used to do as you wish
And restrain your soul when the decree of Allah is ordained
And don’t despair over the events of the past
Fore none of the events of the dunya were ever meant to remain
And be a man who is firm upon his affairs
And whose character is that of pardoning and nobility
And there is sadness or happiness that is continuous
Just as there is there is no comfort or pain
If you are a person who is satisfied with what he has
Then you and the owner of all possessions are equal
And upon he whose open valley death descends upon
Then there is no earth or sky to protect you from it
And the earth of Allah is vast but
When the ordainment of Allah descends even the open valley congests.

[Imam Shafi]

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“Whosoever loves that Allâh should open-up his heart for him and grant light to him, then let him abandon speech about that, which does not concern him, and abandon sins and turn away from acts of disobedience. Then there will be between him and Allâh a hidden treasure of good actions. So if this is done, then Allâh will open up such knowledge for him that will pre­occupy him. And indeed in death is the greatest pre-occupation.”

Imaam Shaafi Rahimahullah

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It was said to Imam al-Shaafa’i (may Allaah have mercy on him):

Which is better, patience or tests or prevailing?

He said: Prevailing is the level attained by the Prophets, and there can be no prevailing except after trials. If a person is tried he will become patient, and if he remains patient he will prevail.

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The Slanderer

من نمّ لك نمّ عليك,
ومن نقل اليك نقل عنك

Whoever slanders to you about others, will slander about you
And whoever reports to you, will soon report about you

– Imam al-Shafi’ee

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The Highest Example

المثل الأعلى

إن الفقيـه هو الفقيـه بفعلـه *** ليس الفقيه بنطقه ومقالـه
وكذا الرئيس هو الرئيس بخلقه *** ليس الرئيس بقومه ورجاله
وكذا الغني هو الغني بحالــه *** ليس الغني بملكه وبمالــه

The Highest Example

Truly the Faqih is a Faqih because of his actions
Not because of his articulated speech or saying
And likewise a leader is a leader because of his nature
Not because of his nation or his men
And likewise a rich man is a rich man due to his state
And not due to his possessions or wealth

Imam Shafi (rahimahullah)

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