“Eid is not for the one who wears new clothes.

Eid is for the one whose obedience rises.

Eid is not for the one with beautiful clothes and fine means of transport,

Eid is for the one whose sins are forgiven.”

Ibn Rajab rahimahullaah

[al-Lata’if, p. 371].

End it well

“Let those who have failed to make the most of this month (Ramadhan) end it with good,

because actions are (judged) by their ending”

(Ibn Rajab)

In secret is more beloved

A man asked Tameem ibn Aws al-Daari (may Allah be pleased with him)

‘How do you pray at night?’

He got very angry and said

‘By Allah, one rak’ah that I pray in secret in the small hours of the night is more beloved to me than praying the whole night long and then telling people about it.’

‘If you don’t have the ability to compete with the pious in righteous deeds then compete with the sinners in asking Allah’s forgiveness’

– Ibn Rajab

Don’t give up for lack of presence.

Keep moving your tongue in dhikr until your heart looks up to see what all the commotion is.

Don’t let your sins silence your heart from calling out to its Lord.

~ Khalid Yasin

Surely the people of Jannah when they enter Jannah and they don’t find those companions of theirs who were with them upon good in this world, then verily they will intercede for them in front of Allah Ta’ala and they will say:

“O Rabb we have brothers who used to read salaah and fast with us, we do not see them!”

Allaah, jalla wa’alaa, will say:

“Go to the fire and take out any person who had even an atoms amount of Imaan in their heart!” ♥
[A similar narration is available in both Bukhari and Muslim from the hadith of Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudari concerning the intercession of the believers on the day of Judgment]

And Hassan Basri, rahimahu Allah, has said:

“Have lots of believing friends because they will be able to intercede for you on the day of Qiyaamah”

Ibnul Jawzi, rahimahu Allah, said :

“If you don’t find me with you in Jannah then ask about me, so u should say :

‘ O our Rabb so and so slave of yours used to remind us about you”