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When Ibn `Aun was bidding farewell to another man, he said:

“Upon you is to fear Allah, for the one who has taqwaa never feels loneliness”.

Zaid bin Aslam said:

“Whoever fears Allah people will love him, even if they had previously hated him”.

Imaam Thauri said to Ibn Abi Dha`ib

“If you fear Allah, He will be enough for you so that you do not need people. And if you fear people, they will not satisfy you in the least terms of your total dependence on Allah”

Sulaiman bin Dawood said

“We have been given what others have been given and more, and we know what others know and more, and we have found that nothing is better than the fear of Allah in secret and in open, justice during times of happiness and sadness, and moderation in times of poverty and richness”.

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