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The worldly desires are like fuel.

Do not regard the desires in your heart as weak.

They are very useful.

The more you burn them, the more taqwa will brighten your heart.

The more your heart breaks, the more dear it is to its Maker.

Once you do it,

Allah will grant you a sweetness that will exceed the sweetness of sin.

– Rumi

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Consider this life as something you have left,
consider death as something you have tasted,
and consider the Hereafter as a home you have visited.I swear by Allah all of these things will happen.

[Ata al Khurrasani]

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Shackled in sins

Al-Hasan al-Basri was once asked:

“Why is it that we cannot uphold prayers at night?”

He answered: “You are shackled in your own sins”.

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The Road

Nawwaas ibn Sam’aan reported that the Prophet said:

“Allah has set forth the following as a parable: There is a road which leads straight to the destination. On either side of the road there is a wall in which there are open doors with curtains hanging on them. From the remote end of the road, a voice calls, ‘Proceed straight and don’t turn to any side!’ Whenever someone intends to lift a curtain from the door, another voice calls from above: ‘Beware! Don’t lift the curtain, otherwise you will be lured inside.’

(The Prophet explained: ) The straight path is Islam; the walls are the limits (hudood) of Allah (which he has placed on actions); the open doors are the things that He has prohibited; the voice which calls from the end of the road is the Qur’aan and the voice which calls from above is Allah’s monitor in the heart of every believer”


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Desire & Pride

Sufyaan Ibn ’Uyaynah (d.198H) – Rahimahullaah – said:

“He whose sin is due to desire, then have hope for him; and he whose sin is due to pride, then fear for him. Because Adam (alayhis-salaam) sinned due to desire, and he was forgiven; and Iblis sinned due to pride, and he was cursed.”

Related by Imaam adh-Dhahabee in Siyar A’laamun-Nubalaa (8/471)

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