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To know with certainty that you will never receive less than what was destined for you is the essence of reliance upon Allah.

[Abul Hasan bu Shaikhi]

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My sister, verily with every difficulty there is ease (Qur’an 94:6); after night comes the day. The clouds of worry will be blown away, the darkness of distress will be dispelled, and calamities will come to an end, by Allâh’s leave. Remember that you will be rewarded, and if you are a mother, your children will be a great support and help for Islâm, if you bring them up properly. They will make du’â’ for you when they prostrate and at the end of the night, just before dawn. It is a great blessing if you are a compassionate and kind mother. It is sufficient honour and pride for you to remember that the mother of Muhammad (Blessings and Peace be upon him) gave mankind a great leader, the noble Messenger.

You have the potential to be a dâ’iyah (caller to Islâm) calling other women to the path of Allâh with kind words, good exhortation and wisdom, arguing in a manner that is better, debating and guiding others by means of your good behaviour and setting an example. A woman may achieve, by means of her conduct and righteous deeds, things that cannot be achieved by Khutbahs (religious sermons), lectures and lessons. How often has a woman gone to live in a neighbourhood, and people started to talk about her religious commitment, modesty, hijâb (Islâmic dress) and good attitude, her kindness to her neighbours and her obedience to her husband, so she became a good example to others – that was spoken by all.

“Soon the flowers will bloom, grief will depart and happiness will prevail.”

– You can be the happiest woman in the World – Aidh Al Qarni

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Collected in the abridged version of al-Khatib al-Baghdadi’s ‘Iqtida’ al-‘Ilm al-‘Amal’ (p. 43-47), in the chapter titled ‘Rushing to Deeds Before One’s Youth and Health Disappear’:

1 – Ghunaym bin Qays said:

“We would be admonished in the early days of Islam:

‘O son of Adam! Act during your free time before you become busy, and during your youth before your old age, and during your health before your sickness, and during your stay in this world before the Hereafter, and during your life before your death.'”

2 – Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Masruq at-Tusi said:

“I recited to Mahmud bin al-Hasan:

Utilize your youth before it becomes spoiled * And the health of your body before it becomes sick;

And the days of your life before you die * For the one who lives will not live long;

And utilize your free time * Let your nights be spent in some work;

And put something forth, as every man is travelling towards * That which he has put forth…

3 – ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak said:

Take advantage of two rak’at to bring you closer to Allah * If you happen to be relaxing;

And if you intend to speak a vain word * Replace it with a tasbih…

4 – Abu Muhammad Mansur bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah al-Azdi chanted to himself:

Do not belittle an hour that can help you * In which you extend your hand in obedience;

As the living will die, and hopes are a deception * And the affair passes by hour by hour…

5 – Abu ‘Abdillah Ahmad bin Ayyub chanted to himself:

In your free time, take advantage of the virtue of bowing in prayer * It might be that your death comes suddenly;

How many healthy ones have you seen without disease * Whose healthy selves disappeared and escaped them…

6 – Abu al-Walid Sulayman bin Khalaf bin Sa’d al-Andalusi chanted to himself:

If I knew for certain * That my entire life would last an hour;

Why would I be cheap with it * And not dedicate it to righteousness and obedience?

7 – Some of the scholars said:

“A group of people invited a man for some food on an extremely hot day. So, he said: “I am fasting.”

They said: “On a day like this?!”

He said: “Do you want me to waste my days?””

8 – Abu Bakr bin Abi ad-Dunya said:

“A group of people invited a man for some food. So, he said: “I am fasting.”

They said: “Break your fast today, and fast tomorrow.”

He said: “And who will be there for me tomorrow?””

9 – ‘Abdullah bin al-Mu’taz said:

“Seize the opportunity today, and do not wait for tomorrow, as there is nobody to guarantee tomorrow for you.”

10 – One of Dawud at-Ta’i’s brothers said to him:

“O Abu Sulayman! You know the kinship between us. So, advise me!”

So, his eyes began to water, and he said: “My brother! Indeed, the night and day are stages that the people pass through – one stage at a time – until they reach the end of their journey. So, if you are able to put forth for every day some provision for each stage, do so. And if your journey is cut short, prepare for your journey what you can, and fulfill what you are able of this affair, because it is as if its end will catch you by surprise. I do not know anyone who is more wasteful in this affair than I am.”

He then got up and left.”

11 – ‘Umar bin Muhammad bin Ahmad recited:

You are in a state of heedlessness and false hope * You do now know when your end will come;

Do not be deceived by good health * For it is from the most painful of flaws;

Every soul has for its day * An awakening to cut off its incessant hope;

So, do that which is good and exert yourself * Before you are unable to do anything…

12 – ‘Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Ash’ari al-Madini recited:

If yesterday you fell into a mistake * Then find some good to perform while you are thankful;

And do not delay a good deed from today to tomorrow * Tomorrow might arrive while you are deprived;

Because if you take care of today, it will benefit you * And days gone by will never return..

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Notes from tafsir audio: Tafsir of al Fatihah by Mufti Menk

Ar rahman ir raheem:
This ayah is very powerful and consists of only two words. both coming from the root of rahma. Islam is a religion based on mercy & there is nothing hidden in Islam, there are answers for everything. No punishment is mentioned in this surah at all.
The difference between Ar Rahman and Ar Raheem: The mercy of Ar Rahman encompasses all creatures, non muslims, everything. Ar Raheem is a “vip mercy” for mu2mins only. “wa kaana bil mu2mineena ra7eema”
the message of the entire quran is included in this surah, also known as “umm ul kitaab”. Some of punishment is also from mercy, in the same way that we discapline a child out of love. If not for warnings of punishment we would probably chose to go astray. Eemaan is between hope and fear.
This surah is repeated so many times, so this is a reminder of mercy as adhab is not mentioned but mercy is mentioned.

He recites some other ayahs about mercy including:

3:135 And those who, having done something to be ashamed of, or wronged their own souls, earnestly bring Allah to mind, and ask for forgiveness for their sins,- and who can forgive sins except Allah.- and are never obstinate in persisting knowingly in (the wrong) they have done.

39:53 Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah. for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

Maaliki yawm id deen

Owner of the day of judgement. The owner of place means you can allow people to feel comfortable or not. Allah is always the owner of everything, but on the Day of Judgment it is manifest.
Allah describes that all the voices will be silenced on that day for His sake, and only who He permits will be able to speak.
By reading this verse automatically we are confirming our Eemaan.
The difference between eemaan and islam is that islam refers generally to the 5 pillars which you can see, whereas eemaan refers to 6 or 7 pillars which you can not see rather they are in the heart.
By saying Allah is Maaliki yawm id deen then you are showing you believe in the day of Judgment, and believing in this you are confirming that you are answerable to Allah. So there is alot of power in this ayah.
Allah responds to this and says My Worshipper has declared my greatness.
Whatever deed we do we must ask our selves can we have a response to Allah when He asks me about this on yawm al qiyaamah? That is true belief in this day. We should not be very judgmental to people because Allah has set aside this day and He will judge the people not us to judge others now and think ourselves better.

He reads some ayahs including:

5:105 O ye who believe! Guard your own souls: If ye follow (right) guidance, no hurt can come to you from those who stray. the goal of you all is to Allah. it is He that will show you the truth of all that ye do.

59:18 O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and let every soul look to what (provision) He has sent forth for the morrow. Yea, fear Allah. for Allah is well-acquainted with (all) that ye do.

99:7 Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it!
99:8 And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it.

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من ستر مؤمنا في الدنيا ستره الله في الاخرة

If you cover a believer’s fault in life, Allah (SWT) will cover your faults in akhirah

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عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَة أَنَّ رَسُول اللَّه صَلَّى اللَّه عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ قَالَ : لَوْ يَعْلَم الْمُؤْمِن مَا عِنْد اللَّه مِنْ الْعُقُوبَة مَا طَمِعَ بِجَنَّتِهِ أَحَد وَلَوْ يَعْلَم الْكَافِر مَا عِنْد اللَّه مِنْ الرَّحْمَة مَا قَنِطَ مِنْ جَنَّتِهِ أَحَد

Abu Hurairah relates that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘If the believer knew of what was with Allah of punishment, no one would expect (to enter) His Jannah; and if the disbeliever knew of what was with Allah of mercy, no one would despair of (entering) His Jannah.’

(Sahih Muslim)

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“Truthfulness leads to Al-birr (righteousness) and al-Birr (righteousness) leads to paradise, a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes known as a truthful person. Falsehood leads to Al-Fujur (wickedness-evil-doing), and al-Fujur leads to the hell fire, a man keeps on telling lies until he is written as a liar before Allah.”
(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

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Swallow your anger

“There is nothing that is swallowed greater with Allah in reward than a slave of Allah who swallows and contains his rancour out of desire for the pleasure of Allah.”

(Sahih Bukhari)

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